Driving Through a Car Wash for the First Time…*BAD IDEA!!!*

Published on 2018-03-09 by TheNewAdamb99

Here’s what happened when I went through a car wash for the FIRST time…BAD IDEA!! Make sure to subscribe! http://bit.ly/1qwPrp9 Grab your NewBie Merch here http://bit.ly/2zRz77y Check out my other videos!! *ANGRY* Little Brother gets BANNED from Fortnite…(PRANK!!): http://bit.ly/2oYkHPz READING *MEAN* TWEETS (i nearly cried…): http://bit.ly/2ttzbwa i spray painted my shoes and this happened… : http://bit.ly/2Frndow Check out more CHALLENGES: http://bit.ly/2hjrsea NEWBIES!!! Thanks ...

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