Chelsea 11 straight wins! COSTA TROLLS THEIR RIVALS! (Wenger, Kane, Klopp and Pep PARODY)(Day 18)

Published on 2016-12-18 by 442oons

Diego Costa is on a mission to wind up his rivals as Chelsea end 2016 as league leaders, beating Crystal Palace 0-1! ⚽️Subscribe to 442oons:⚽️ Can Chelsea win the title? DING DONG MERRILY ON HIGH - top of the league are Chelsea, 2016! 👍🏻Don't forget to like, comment on and share the vids! I reply to as many as I can!👍🏻 📱442oons SOUNDBOARD APP (free):📱 ⚽️442oons OFFER⚽️ Get 10% off Classic Football Shirts! ht ...

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