(ALL) When RAPPERS Hear New Beats... Jay Z, Kanye, Puff Daddy, DJ Khaled, Future, Kendrick Lamar

Published on 2017-09-29 by Chamandy Beats

Rappers Reactions To New Beats... (ALL 5 Episodes Combined) βž• Click to Subscribe! : https://goo.gl/IlrNpa πŸ”₯ Watch NEW Episodes HERE : https://goo.gl/LZ1yUf πŸ’° Download Outro Beat : https://air.bi/NiRjX πŸ”Œ Beat Store : http://ChamandyBeats.com -------------------------------------------------------------- πŸ“§ Email: ChamandyBeats@Gmail.com πŸ“Ή YouTube : https://Youtube.com/ChamandyBeats πŸ“· Instagram : https://Instagram.com/ChamandyBeats πŸ”Š SoundCloud : https://SoundCloud.com/Cham ...

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